Trangleball® 3-On-3 Instructional Video

An overhead view of the Trangleball field. The 3-sided object in the center is a multi-colored, pyramid-like structure called a Trangle. The field is divided into three courts (sectors). The Trangle is placed in the center of the field with each base point determining a sideline.

Play occurs between the long line (outside circle), short line (inside circle) and the (3) sidelines. One player from each team stands in their own sector along with an opponent. The player must stay within the designated boundary lines of their sector.

Standing stationary on either the left or right side of their sector, the server begins play by rebounding the ball off the Trangle. The ball must hit the side of the Trangle that faces that sector. The rebound must be caught or touched by the opponent, or land within sector boundaries, to be considered a fair serve.

After a rebound, the opposing player in that sector must catch the ball or deflect it to a teammate who must make the catch in their own sector. A player catching the ball has the option to either rebound or pass the ball directly to a teammate. The player may pass or rebound the ball before or after they run. A player carrying the ball is permitted to run only in one direction and head towards the Right-Of-Way lane. Players not in possession of the ball may move freely within their sector.

A maximum of three passes are permitted between rebounds. After a rebound passing may resume. A teammate in one sector may play a rebound from another sector providing their feet remain in their sector while in possession of the ball.

When the serving team loses a volley, the opponent becomes the serving team. After a volley, service starts on the sector closest to where the ball landed. Only the serving team can score unless there is an interception by the opposing team. A pass may be intercepted when it is thrown from another sector. Interceptions near the inner circle are not allowed being the team handling the ball has the Right-Of-Way. Upon interception, the volley continues with the intercepting team continuing the volley, but now playing for a point.

Scoring occurs when the opponent either:
Fails to catch the ball within the sector boundaries.
Steps outside the sector boundaries with possession of the ball.
Is responsible for the ball falling outside of the sector boundaries.
Misses a rebound.
Official game is played to 11 points.

A player in possession of the ball and his teammates must be allowed the Right-Of-Way. The Right-Of-Way is the immediate running lane parallel to the short line. The opponents have the right to the rest of the sector.
Any infraction during play results in the loss of that volley.
The ball may not touch the ground during the course of play.
A player may not rebound the ball off the Trangle when that player is directly in the center of their sector and in the Right-Of-Way lane. This is considered a block.
When a player fails to catch two consecutive serves, the following serve moves to the clockwise sector. The same serving team continues.

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