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Adult Tournament: Final Round Teams
2004 Champions (right)
With Runner Up Finalists (left)
Kid's Tournament 2004

AUGUST 25, 2001

First round action.
Working the far edges of your sector allows for deep angle shots
against your opponent.

Catching the defense off
guard is crucial and highly
responsible for winning volleys.
Accurate backhand shots will allow
you to work both far edges,
making you versatile in all situations.

Fake-outs and sudden passes
to team members is a
vital element to the game.
Quick reflexes, as
seen here in this diving catch,
is key in saving plays.

Both team members can keep a ball in play along the sidelines as long as their feet remain in their sector.
Shots made low to the trangle
will result in low ricochets.

This sequence of images illustrates how speed and angle work hand-in-hand. The farther out to the edge of your sector you shoot the greater an angle you will have to the opposite end of that sector. It also illustrates how our sideline cameraman Ed is about to get hit by the ball (bottom-sequence photo).
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Another volley involving the same players (as above) an a well-placed bullet to the right corner of the trangle instead of the left. This placement ricochets the ball towards the middle of the sector, catching the defender off-balance.
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