Fun for children up to 10 years of age.

Trangle Baseball can accommodate 6 to 36 players.

Batter uses face of a pyramid as a bat (positioning ball anywhere he wants) then runs to first base applying normal baseball rules. Each face of Trangle can play a different game at the same time. As few as three players per team or as many as nine players per team can play on one face of the Trangle.
  • Extra 30° are only needed for the sport Trangleball. (on-deck area)
  • 30° on-deck or spectator area.
  • Throw grounders by throwing the ball straight down at the Trangle.
  • Throw pop-ups by sidearm or underhand.

IMPORTANT: Batter stands as close to pyramid as desired.


In a school gymnasium, or on a playground, set up Trangle with one or two faces angled towards hoop or hoops. Players line up and try to sink baskets. Keep score! The third face can be used for any of the other Trangle games.

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